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Collaborating and Contributing, Part II


This week's assignments are due February 23, 2009.

You should plan to spend approximately 1 hour on this week's work. 
  • Comment on this week's Gospel Insights Presentation(s).  Think about the message as well as the presentation of the message.  What have you learned from their presentation?  How will you apply their message in your life?  What suggestions can you offer the author for making the presentation more effective?  What ideas does their presentation give you for future presentations that you may make?  (10 minutes)
  • Fact-check, proof-read, and otherwise edit your articles (15-25 minutes).  Each member of the group should be assigned to edit/proof-read/fact-check at least one other group member's article.
  • Cross-reference your articles with the work of other groups (15-25 minutes).  Again, each member of the group should be assigned to cross-reference articles to at least one other group's articles.


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