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Work Week 1

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Adding to your Personal Learning Network


All activities for this week must be completed by February 9, 2009.


This Week's Activities

This week you are going to continue working on building your personal learning network and expanding your Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK), basically, your knowledge of effective teaching methods for using technology in your specific content area.


This week you need to complete all of the activites listed below in order to fully participate in the course.  Plan to spend between 1.5 to 2 hours completing course activities this week.  If you have technical difficulties with any of the activities, wait a few minutes and try again.  If technical difficulties continue, send me an email immediately and work on something else in the meantime. 


  • Go to the Video Blog and watch my message about Blogging on the IP&T 286 Group blog (5 minutes).  [will be available by February 3]
  • Comment on this week's Gospel Insights Presentation(s). Think about the message as well as the presentation of the message.  What have you learned from their presentation?  How will you apply their message in your life?  What suggestions can you offer the author for making the presentation more effective?  What ideas does their presentation give you for future presentations that you may make? (10 minutes)
  • Continue searching for resources (1 hour):
    • Add your classmates as friends on Diigo.  Here is a list of their Diigo identities [available as of February 3]. (5 minutes)
    • Through your own research, identify and subscribe to (in Google Reader) at least three blogs that will help you develop your knowledge of teaching with technology in your content area.  Search for blogs that provide you with information on teaching your content area.  You may want to use specialized search engines that focus on blogs such as Technorati or Google Blog Search.  You might look for blogs in the following areas:
      • Blogs about teaching with technology in general
      • Blogs about teaching or education in general
      • Blogs about teaching your subject area
      • Blogs by how practitioners (scientists, health professionals, seamstresses, designers, families, etc.) in your field 
      • Blogs about technology in general
      • Blogs about your content area (or even a specialized unit in your content area)
    • Skim the entries in your Reader and select your favorite post.  Next, use Google Reader to share your favorite post with your classmates.  Include notes to describe what you found interesting about this post as it relates to the goal of increasing your knowledge of teaching your content area using technology. (15 minutes)
  • Record your Video Report on your personal blog on the CTL video blog.  In your report, provide the following information. (15 minutes)
    • An opinion on the value of Web 2.0 tools for enhancing lifelong learning.
    • An evaluation of your Personal Learning Network based on the PLN Rubric.
    • A description of what you learned about teaching with technology in your content area over the past two weeks.

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