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Portfolio Preparation

Page history last edited by Kimberly McCollum 14 years, 8 months ago


This Week's Activities

This week's activities must be completed by April 13, 2009.


The primary purpose for this week's activities is to make sure that you have provided evidence of acheiving the learning goals that established in your learning contract.  The secondary purpose is to share your ideas with your classmates and provide everyone with an idea bank for teaching with technology in future.  This week you need to do the following things in order to fully participate in the class. Expect to spend approximately 1.75-2 hours.


  1. Comment on this week's Gospel Insights Presentation.  Think about the message as well as the presentation of the message.  What have you learned from their presentation?  How will you apply their message in your life?  What suggestions can you offer the author for making the presentation more effective?  What ideas does their presentation give you for future presentations that you may make? (10 minutes)
  2. Visit the 2009 Final Showcase page.  Find your name, highlight it and create a new page for your portfolio.  On your portfolio page, include the following items (45 minutes).
    • a sentence explaining to your fellow students what grade and content area you plan to teach.  
    • a link to your classroom web presence accompanied by paragraph describing the features of your classroom web presence.  Also explain how you imagine using the website with your future students. 
    • a direct link to your podcast/video project and a link to the accompanying lesson plan.  Write a brief paragraph summarizing the lesson and the objectives for people who do not teach your subject area.
    • a direct link to your content specific technology project and a link to the accompanying lesson plan.  Write a brief paragraph summarizing the lesson and the objectives for people who do not teach your subject area.
  3. Complete the final surveys by following these two links (45 minutes)
    1. https://byu.qualtrics.com/SE?SID=SV_dcboQlMbyr996Yc&SVID=Prod
    2. https://byu.qualtrics.com/SE?SID=SV_cI66SncLWThKKxu&SVID=Prod  
  4. Examine the contents of your portfolio page and then revisit your learning contract.  Write a memo in Google Docs evaluating how well you completed the terms of your learning contract, stating the grade that you think you deserve.  Consider the quality of your work, the amount you learned, and how often you met the due dates.  Share your memo with Kimberly McCollum. (20 minutes)  I will review your request and let you know whether or not I agree with your self-evaluation.  If I do not agree, I will provide you with a suggested list of "revisions" to your work and give you one last opportunity to fix things before deciding your final grade.


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